When customers have selected products at LYLAN DECOSY but have no need to use or want to switch to other products that our company provides. Please follow the following procedure to receive a refund:

1. For undelivered goods:

    Customers directly contact sales staff who are working directly with them to agree to switch to another product.     Redo the quotation submitted to the customer.

2. For delivered products:

For defective products:

    When you receive the goods, you can check the goods to see if they are the right products and have a purchase     agreement with the company? If the product is found to be defective, the company may request an exchange, and all shipping costs will be borne by the company.

    If the product is defective by the customer, the company is not responsible for the exchange. If you want to     exchange goods, there will be an additional cost. This cost depends on the product and the agreement between     customers and sales staff.

For products that are not defective:

    When the product has been delivered, the customer does not like the product and wants to exchange it for another     product. The customer must comply with the following provisions:

    Item is still in box, in original condition.

    All costs incurred such as: shipping fees ... the customer must bear.

    LYLAN DECOSY's decision is final.