– Product warranty is: free repair of defects, technical problems that occur due to the fault of the manufacturer.


Warranty period

    – Decosy products are warranted for 90 days from the date of delivery.

Warranty conditions

- Products are damaged, problems due to manufacturer's fault.

The product is still within the warranty period.

Conditions not covered by warranty

    - The product is out of warranty period

    - Damage is not due to the fault of the manufacturer but due to the fault of the user such as failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for     installation, use and maintenance, improper use of functions and failure to follow the recommendations. Manufacturer's report…

    - Damage caused by the buyer's transportation.

Damage caused by force majeure such as floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, etc.

Maintenance cost

    – Free warranty for all damaged products due to manufacturer's fault.

    – For damaged products not due to the fault of the manufacturer, the company will charge a warranty fee, the warranty cost will be agreed between the company and the customer.

Warranty process

In the event of damage, please follow these steps:

    – Step 1: Provide product damage information, product stamp number and warranty requirements to the company or sales staff in charge of sales     to customers.

    – Step 2: The company will check and verify again based on the information provided by the customer. After confirming the information, we will be     responsible for informing the customer about the warranty options and warranty period.

   – Step 3: The company and the customer agree on the warranty plan and warranty period.

    – Step 4: Carry out the warranty for customers according to the agreed plans.